I Can’t Afford That! Finding Affordable Quality

Babajaan’s off-white Panama oversized straw hat with horsehair band costs a whopping $415! That’s super pricey for most women. Many women I know would look at the price tag and walk away. But this hat is worth a really, really close look.

impractical hatLook at the materials. Look at the shape. Look at the quality. Look at the design. Really study it. Then study it again. While studying it, imagine that hat on your head. Imagine the outfits you would wear it with. Totally ignore the price. Just ask yourself, Would be Babajaan’s hat work for me?

And then…

Next time you see a similar hat at a friend’s house, ask to try it on. Stop in a pricey shop that sells similar hats — not to buy — but to see. Try on a big floppy hat and decide if the look is right for you.


The next time you see a hat like this in a thrift shop or a consignment shop or a sale, and you have the funds for an accessory, if this type of hat works for you, buy it. The next time a friend is divesting herself of something similar, try it, and, if it works for you, accept it with thanks.

A big, floppy hat that works is a big floppy hat that works. There’s no need to broadcast the price or lack thereof. (I found my big floppy hat on clearance for a fraction of its original price. It’s a keep forever piece.)

My Impractical HatLearn what works then keep your eyes open. Once our brains have been educated, we can find beautiful, affordable quality as easily as we can find an “it’s-not-bad” piece.

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