A is for Avant Garde for Evening

Just a soupçon of avant garde can elevate an evening wear wardrobe. I know very few women who would wear this Vivienne Westwood gown:

A is for Vivienne-Westwood

But it could easily be the inspiration for a perfect, year-round evening skirt that could be worn with a variety of tops:

A is for Vivienne-Westwood detail skirt

Make it tea length to go from afternoon wedding to grand evening with a change of tops, shoes, and accessories.

As a dress, this Alexander Mulqueen haute couture design may seem a bit over the top:

A is for Alexander-McQueen-e1398993489855

But take a closer look at the top:

A is for Alexander-McQueen-detail top

A top spangled with gold would go to work under a suit jacket and then elevate a simple skirt or trousers for evening. Mix it with a simple, matching evening skirt, and create an instant dress.

And take a close peek at the waist on the skirt:

A is for Alexander-McQueen-waistline

It’s beautifully unusual. A full skirt with a similar waistline would go to work (depending on the fabric) and out for a night of partying.

For most women, a little avant garde goes a long way. But when adding an evening piece, look for unusual details – a waistline, a hem, a colour, cut, or fabric – that express some part of your personality, that just feels fun and looks great. Look in vintage shops, sample sales, pieces a friend casts off, thrift stores, discount shops, and clearance sales.* Details, not price, make a huge difference.

  • If you sew, making a skirt inspired by the Vivienne Westwood gown would be an easy project.

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