C is for Cami

C is for Cami dress 2 copyIt’s Spring! Deep V’s and sheer tops in affordable (and often more wearable) versions of haute couture runway looks are everywhere. It’s a fresh look. They’re also retro: sheer clothing has been worn since the 18th century. But often a deep V reveals too much…


C is for Cami sheer top 2 copy…and sheer is too bare.

A few pretty camis in different weights let any woman participate in a trend without exposing too much. And there are so many camis from which to choose (and even more options for the woman who sews). Camis come in many different woven and knit fabrics – from silk to cotton to synthetics – and a variety of cuts. Heavier camis are useful in winter but airy, lightweight styles (like the ones below) are perfect for summer.

c is for cami - Snow Queen Silk copy     C is for Cami - lightweight cotton copy     C is for Cami - Esme silk georgette copy

Create your own look! Play! Have fun! Even an intricately embroidered sheer top can be worn over a matching or contrasting cami.

C is for Cami - Cami under sheer

Participate in the deep V and sheer top trends while remaining happily covered.



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