G is for Great Fit, A Working Definition

Great fit deserves many posts (and books and some draping/pattern making classes). Great fit involves personal style, comfort, body shape, quality, cut, fabric, properly fitted lingerie (a huge topic), and many other factors. It also includes things we can’t see when we try on clothes in a shop.

A few years ago, a new Armani Exchange tee felt weird after I washed it and lay it flat to air dry. (I never put my clothing in the dryer.) I tugged and pulled but it still felt weird. When I removed it, I discovered the side seams were twisting, one towards the back, one towards the front. The manufacturer had cut the body of the tee just a little askew. It was enough to ruin the whole garment. Though it had already become a favourite, I donated the tee to a thrift shop. There was nothing I could do to make it fit.

If the designer chooses the wrong fabric for his design, the fit will be poor:

0 G is for Great fit ugly-shorts

This chiffon diaper is truly terrifying!

0 G is for great fit chiffon shorts 2

So what is great fit?

Great fit is when all the factors come together
so that clothing looks as if it is made for the wearer.

Great fit reflects a woman’s style, flatters her existing body shape and size, doesn’t cling or bunch when she moves, and creates no odd wrinkles, gaps, or sagging. Great fit exposes nothing you’d rather keep covered. It allows a woman to forget what she’s wearing because her clothes don’t keep demanding her attention. Great fit shows the world that God has done good in creating us; that we needn’t try to be sexy or hot (two words I’d like to banish from our awareness particularly in terms of fashion).

0 g is for great fit gf1 0 g is for great fit gf2 0 G is for great fit gf3 0 g is for great fit gf4

We’ll explore many of the factors that are necessary to have great fit in separate posts. In the meantime, while wearing your normal under garments, try on several outfits you already own. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘Does this look as if it was made for me?’ Then return everything to the closet. Each day thereafter, look in the mirror and ask again, ‘Does this look as if it was made for me?’

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