K is for Knits – How Tight Is Too Tight?

Knits! We wear them because they’re easily washed and don’t require ironing. And, for many of women, it’s easier to find knit pieces that “fit.” Except when they don’t.

Lest we begin to judge our bodies as deficient, we need to understand, our bodies are not at fault. Our bodies are fine! Women with slender, average, and heavy builds struggle with the same issues when wearing knits:

k is for knits tight dress slender body (1)Pregnant Kim Kardashian Visits Her Doctork is for knits too tight (1)

Knits lie to us, especially those that contain lycra. They encourage us to believe that if we can get our body into a garment, it must fit. Knits allow us to buy our “size.” We say to ourselves, ‘Buttons, zippers, and fasteners close and I can move. The garment must fit. Right?’

Wrong. If a garment puckers, makes odd horizontal lines, and/or reveals a woman’s underwear, it doesn’t fit. If a woman is constantly tugging and pulling at a garment because it feels too tight, it is. (I once had the most amazing LBD. Each time I looked in the mirror, I was amazed at how good I looked while wearing that dress. But as I walked, it crept up my thighs. I christened it the creeping dress and finally let it go. Though I weighed 120 lbs and was a size 4/6, that size 6 knit dress didn’t fit.) If a garment is permanently stretched and puckered into the shape of the wearer and doesn’t return to its original shape, it’s too tight.

In general,* knits take their shape from our bodies. That’s doubly true for too-tight knits. If a woman feels she’s too heavy, a knit that is too tight will make her appear heavier while it highlights everything she particularly dislikes. Too-tight knits make even slender women appear heavy. And though various media encourage us to be “sexy,” even with toned bodies, most women who wear too-tight knits will look heavier than they actually are and the knit will highlight any area that is even a bit squooshy.

k is for knits tight top (1) Young woman wearing badly fitting shirt, mid section, close-upk is for knits ill-fitting (1)

Knits are cut to fit closer to the body. But it ought not be necessary to stretch a cardigan in order to button it. A t-shirt ought not make horizontal lines across the bust or waist, nor ought it creep up at the sides or back when the wearer moves. A knit skirt or dress ought not be so tight that the lines of a woman’s underwear are visible. Nor should a woman feel she must tug her garments back into place. (Go back and look at the first photo. That woman is tugging at her skirt on a red carpet. How attractive is that?)

When knits fit, they’re a great addition to a wardrobe. They’re easy care, go-to pieces that make dressing easier. Just buy knits that give a smooth, comfortable fit.

4 thoughts on “K is for Knits – How Tight Is Too Tight?

  1. Hi, I’m from Lisa’s Live Wires stopping by from the A to Z Blog Challenge. Thanks for posting this…I wish EVERY WOMAN WHO WEARS THESE WOULD READ IT! Not only do I get embarrassed for some of these women (and men) who wear such a revealing or ill-fitting garment, there have been points where I want to cover my kids’ eyes.
    These photos remind me of the “People of Wal Mart” link that goes around every so often.

    Thanks for posting!


    • Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, wearing too-tight knits is not only a Walmart experience. Women who would never grace the premises of Walmart can be seen wearing similar garments. So many of us have bought into the culture’s messages that tell us we should flaunt what we’ve been given and that offense is always in the mind and heart of the beholder. Fortunately, you’ve inspired my L post. Thanks for stopping by.

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