M is for Mine

“Hold still,” one of the LOFT designers told me as I turned to see who was fiddling with my skirt. “I’m fixing the bow for you.”

When he stepped back to admire his work, I reached around and felt the bow in the middle of my back. “I don’t like it there,” I firmly told him as I retied the bow. “I like it on the side.”

I felt a light slap against my hand, “The designer intended it to be tied in the back.”

I twirled. The voluminous black fabric of my vintage, 50’s, wrap skirt swirled around me. “This skirt is mine!” I corrected him. “I decide how I will wear it! I like the bow on the side so it doesn’t poke me when I lean back.”

When I buy a garment it is mine to wear as I please. Ditto for the garments I sew. I have very few wardrobe “shoulds.” This is one of them: Every woman should feel the same. If a bow tied in the back is uncomfortable, tie it at the side. If the bow is prettier at the side, tie it at the side. If a spaghetti string tie at the waist feels off, try tying it higher, if long enough. Or just snip it off if the dress is inexpensive. Otherwise, cover it with a replacement belt that suits your taste. If a self fabric belt isn’t working, replace it with a different one. Or use different belts/sashes according to your mood. And turn the buckle/bow/tie to the side or back instead of the front or side front if that’s what you want.

Personalize your wardrobe.

0 m is for mine 1And trust your instincts even when catalogue photos look scary. After seeing this top on Boston Proper for a year, I bought one size smaller than their chart indicated convinced I’d send it back. It fit perfectly – not too big, not too tight. I closed a couple of buttons to make this “sexy” top stylish and chic. It’s one of my all-time favourites but I would never wear it as pictured here.

m is for mine 2Originally, this Talbots’ dress had an invisible zipper in back. Closing it was a nightmare. Removing the dress was worse. I took it to a tailor and had the invisible zipper replaced with an exposed, white cotton zipper with metal teeth. Now, the dress is a bit edgy and easy to zip and unzip. (I’ll add a photo when I’ve finished unpacking my summer things.)

Practice telling yourself, “These clothes are mine. I can change them to suit my life, my body, my taste. I can personalize my wardrobe.” Practice it over and over. And if anyone sneaks up behind and tries to move your bow, say, “No. This is mine.”

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