N is for No Standard Sizes or Body Shapes

Each of these women weighs 154 lbs. (That’s about the same weight Marilyn Monroe was at her heaviest.) They are neither under nor over weight. They do not appear to be either super athletic or out of shape. They each have a different body shape.

All 11st.jpg

When shopping, each of these women will find clothing that fits and clothing that doesn’t. Several of them will need to alter some or all of their garments (or pay someone to do the job). Do note, the 5’2″ woman wears a smaller size than the 5’4″ woman. Since size depends on garment design and manufacturer, the 5’2″ woman will sometimes be able to wear smaller tops and dresses if they are full under the bust or below the waist. But a long, fitted top will probably not make it over her hips. The 5’4″ woman could probably wear a size 14 or 16 skirt or trousers depending on the design, fabric, and manufacturer.

Even though the 5’8″ and 5’11” women wear the same size, depending on garment design and manufacturer, they may also wear smaller and/or larger sizes. The 6’1″ woman will also find garment design and manufacturer will affect the actual size she buys and will have difficulty finding clothing to fit her height in many shops.

What this all means:

There are no standard sizes! Standard sizes are a myth! Tweet This

There are no standard bodies or body shapes.
Women must choose clothes that suit our bodies as they are. Tweet This

Accepting that there are no standard sizes and no standard body shapes is difficult. We’ve been bombarded by image after image depicting painfully thin women. But many successful actresses, models, and entertainers are heavier than we realize. And though there are women who are naturally slender, many painfully thin women have eating serious disorders. So find a mirror and tell yourself aloud, “There are no standard sizes. Standard sizes are a myth. There are no standard bodies or body shapes. I must choose clothes that suit my body as it is.”* Repeat several times each day and especially whenever you’re tempted to blame your body because a particular size won’t fit. Hearing the words will help change our internal tapes.

* For extra credit, tell a friend who is blaming her body because a particular size doesn’t fit.

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