O is for Outfits For Different Body Shapes

N is for No Standard Sizes Or Body Shapes shows five women between 5’2″ to 6’1″ tall. Each weighs 154 lbs and has a different body shape. Wouldn’t it be cool to see women with bodies like these in a couple of real outfits?

All 11st.jpg

We don’t have their measurements so first it’s necessary to make some assumptions. Unfortunately, the 5’2″ woman is not wearing a supportive bra so it’s difficult to see if she has an hourglass shape. Since she has narrow shoulders, let’s presume she has a petite (at least on top) pear body shape. (A properly fitted bra can make a huge difference in body shape.) The 5’4″ woman has an almost classic apple shape but she may also be a petite on the bottom. The 5’8″ woman’s waist seems to be less than 10″ smaller than her bust and hips and she has broad shoulders, so let’s assume she has an athletic body shape. The 5’11” woman appears to have a classic pear body shape. It’s impossible to see the 6’1″ woman’s waist so let’s assume she has a tall, athletic body shape.

5’2″ petite (at least on top) pear body shape:

o is for outfits short pear (1) o is for outfits dress pear (1)

5’4″ apple body shape (petite on the bottom):

o is for outfits short apple shape (1) o is 4 outfits short apple dress

5’8″ athletic/rectangle body shape:

o is for outfits rectangle (1)  o is for outfits pants rectangle (1)

5’11” pear body shape:

o is for outfits tall pants pear (1)o is for outfits tall pear (1)

6’1″ tall, athletic/rectangle body shape:

tall rectangle in suit (1) o is for outfits tall rectangle pants (1)

I intentionally chose closer fitting skirts and trousers/jeans because we often try to hide our bodies. Woman with each of these body shapes (or any other shape) could wear many different outfits. Determining body shape acts like using stair bannisters in the dark. It provides boundaries and direction in an overwhelming glut of fashion and clothing choices. When I accepted that the widest part of my hips was 13″ not 9″ below my waist, I was able to find clothing and patterns that fit me. I learned to put together great outfits that were current and I no longer had to cover too-tight skirts and trousers with long tops. I even designed a pencil skirt pattern that fit my small waist and proportionately wider hips and realized that any woman can wear almost any design if it is made to fit her body. (That’s reason to learn to sew.)

Stay tuned. Future posts will examine additional outfits for a variety of body shapes.

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