M is for Mine

“Hold still,” one of the LOFT designers told me as I turned to see who was fiddling with my skirt. “I’m fixing the bow for you.” When he stepped back to admire his work, I reached around and felt the bow in the middle of my back. “I don’t like it there,” I firmly told him as I retied the bow. “I like it on the side.” I felt a light slap against my hand, “The designer intended it to be tied in the back.” I twirled. The voluminous black fabric of my vintage, 50’s, wrap skirt swirled around me. “This skirt is mine!” I corrected him. “I decide how … Read more…

Why Be Practical?

Babajaan’s off-white Panama oversized straw hat with horsehair band is utterly impractical. But Spring is on the horizon and summer follows — sometimes a big, floppy hat is perfect. A big hat elevates a simple dress, adds elegance, and fun. A wide brim adds mystery and a soupçon of chaste flirtiness. Some days, some occasions demand impracticality. A hat like this is impractically gorgeous!